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Before taking your boat out this summer, double check that you have all of the required safety devices before heading out on the water. Visit the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s website to brush up on your boating laws and responsibilities to avoid a ticket while on the water.

Required by the Coast Guard
⚓️ A life jacket that fits every person on your boat
⚓️ A throwable flotation device
⚓️ A fire extinguisher
⚓️ Visual signaling devices, such as flares
⚓️ Sound signaling devices, such as a horn or whistle

Extra supplies in case of emergency
⚓️ First aid kit
⚓️ Oars
⚓️ An orange flag – to be displayed when a person is in the water
⚓️ A cell phone or boat radio to call for help, if needed
⚓️ Anchor