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Glass Breakage Coverage

If you are a farmer, you know that tractor windows break more often than you would like. Did you know that you can add Glass Breakage to your insurance policy? Glass breakage coverage is only $9/year per piece of equipment and has a $0 deductible!

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Winter Storm Vehicle Safety Tips

Winter is quickly approaching and a winter storm can approach just as fast. Don’t forget to equip your vehicle with necessary items in case you get caught in a snow storm. Use this checklist to ensure you are ready:

? Flashlight
? First-aid kit
? Necessary medication
? Small tool box
? Warm clothes, gloves, and blankets
? Nonperishable foods and bottled water
? Jumper cables
⛱ Sand or kitty litter and a shovel

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Machine Transportation Endorsement

If you farm you know machinery and equipment is being moved around from one place to another frequently. Did you know, if you are towing a piece of equipment with a vehicle and an accidental collision or overturn occurs your equipment may not be covered? Protect your equipment from this risk by adding a Machinery Transportation endorsement to your policy!

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Harvest Season and Traveling Farm Equipment

It’s harvest season which means slow moving equipment must travel on public roads to move from field to field. This is a necessary part of harvest, but it can pose a serious safety risk for both motorist and farmers. Please remember to slow down, be patient and pass with caution when you see farm equipment on the road.

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Don’t Underinsure Your Outbuilding

Outbuildings come in all shapes and sizes and all are not equal. Talk to your agent if your outbuilding has upgrades such as electric, insulation, special lighting, sheet rock, etc. It’s your investment, don’t lose your investment by being under insured, and a loss happens.

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Underwriting Guidelines for Pools

Ever heard of an “attractive nuisance”? Kind of an oxymoron…but you are looking at what some court cases involving pools call and “attractive nuisance.” It attracts children by having that “wow” factor. Insurance companies have underwriting guidelines in place depending on the type of pool, but our main goal is to protect children and animals from easy access and drowning. Thus keeping you out of a lawsuit and the courtroom. If you have a pool or are thinking of getting one, check with your insurance company to see which underwriting guidelines are there to help you stay safe.

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